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Arona en Colores, a revolution in family activities that …

Arona en Colores, una revolución de actividades familiares que dinamiza el tejido comercial de Las Galletas

Arona en Colores, a revolution in family activities that …


Arona en Colores, organized by the Economic Promotion area of ​​the city of Arona, and which will have up to twelve points of activity in this edition, aims to sensitize and promote the trade of Las Galletas and for this, in addition to concerts and activities, will offer discounts and competitions to visitors.

Make known and reinvigorate one of the most important commercial areas of the municipality. This is the main objective of Arona in Colors, a festival that, organized by the Department of Economic Promotion of the City, will fill the activity on Saturday 16 June in every corner of Las Galletas where it is already its seventh edition and which counts with the participation in the areas of tourism, sport, culture, heritage and festivals, as well as the Cabildo de Tenerife through the Tenerife 2030 strategy and INtech Tenerife.

This year there will be up to twelve animation sites, which will be located in Several points of the Rambla Dionisio González and Galván Bello streets, Belgium, Venezuela, Fundadores and San Claudio, as well as the Marina del Sur, the Los Barcos beach or the sports pavilion, as well as the pedestrian streets of the center.

different scenarios and places will each have different themes and activities, such as dance performances, musical groups and DJs, children’s entertainment, magical works, paya sos, storytellers, puppets, inflatables or library of toys-, fashion shows, demonstrations of hairdressers, make-up workshops, mental calculation, robotics, virtual reality, solar and night observation, sports practice or sexual information for young people.

Visitors will also have access to discounts in Las Galletas stores and to participation in competitions.

Mena: “Supporting the entrepreneurial fabric of the municipality”

The mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, stressed the importance of “supporting the municipality’s trade with …

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