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Santa Cruz may limit traffic for safety, fluidity or …

La calidad del aire será uno de los motivos medioambientales que el Consistorio podrá esgrimir para limitar la circulación                      de coches en sectores de la ciudad. F. P.

Santa Cruz may limit traffic for safety, fluidity or …

The City Council approves the preliminary text of the new ordinance of circulation, which now begins the administrative process

After 33 years, Santa Cruz de Tenerife will have a new Circulation and Mobility ordinance in short, a rule in which, among its main novelties, the limitation of traffic in the city due to environmental (air quality), safety or fluidity of circulation (traffic jams), a measure that was already included in the draft of the ordinance in its process of citizen participation and that has been incorporated into the final text. Along with this substantial modification are others such as the regulation of valet activity (as announced by DIARIO DE AVISOS), the introduction of rotary car parks or the possibility that owners who are going to deliver their car to the scrapping give up on it and cede it to the City Council.

These details were known yesterday after the City Government Board approved the text that will replace the current ordinance, and now begins its ordinary administrative processing until it is submitted for consideration and, where appropriate, initial approval by the party. of the municipal Plenary. The text advanced yesterday confirms what the first Deputy Mayor and Security Councilor, Zaida González, had expressed as an intention in DIARIO DE AVISOS.

News source: https://diariodeavisos.elespanol.com/tenerife/ Vai all’articolo originale

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