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The fight of some children of Añaza to end a huge ve …

Alumnos del colegio Secundino Delgado, frente al vertedero ilegal en Añaza. / ziREjA

The fight of some children of Añaza to end a huge ve …

The students, within a school project, collected waste in the neighborhood and took it to the Local Police, a neighborhood association and an office of the City Council, which has already reacted to the protest

Garbage and waste of all kinds, some of them toxic, accumulate without control in the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Añaza. In the epicenter of the large illegal dump that has been formed after years of littering is the Secundino Delgado Primary and Primary School, whose students have asked the authorities for help to try to put an end to a situation that embarrasses them and that It could even pose a danger to your health and safety.

It all started when a tutor from 4th grade of Primary presented her class to participate in a project of Tenerife Space of the Arts (TEA) whose objective was to bring contemporary art to students. Her class was selected and the project assigned to them was 'YesWe trash', a proposal by the Tenerife artist ziREjA (Irene Sanfiel) to, as she explains, "raise awareness among students about their own creative abilities" and also work with aspects of contemporary art such as the use of different materials that, in the case of ziREjA, are waste of all kinds found on the coast of Tenerife.

News source: https://diariodeavisos.elespanol.com/tenerife/ Vai all’articolo originale

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