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Arona collaborates with the Don Bosco Foundation to help young …

Firma LánzateJoven.

Arona collaborates with the Don Bosco Foundation to help young …

The Councilor for Youth and Human Resources of the City of Arona, Yolanda Mendoza, and the territorial director in the Canary Islands of the Don Bosco Project Foundation, Miguel Ángel Rojas Morales, this week signed a protocol of collaboration to promote in the municipality the employment project Throw yourself Young of this entity. The initiative, which begins its second year at Arona, is aimed at young people with vocational training and difficulties in finding a job, and includes insertion and labor intermediation itineraries.

"The improvement of the training and employment options of the youth of Arona is one of our main goals and, in addition to various complementary training activities, we are working directly with the groups, associations and foundations that accumulate considerable experience in these fields , betting on projects that have proven their reliability and good results.This is the case of the protocol we have signed with the Don Bosco Foundation, which has proven its work in the municipality during 2017 and to whom we want to support to continue and advance in the implementation of their projects. "

This is explained by Yolanda Mendoza, who points out that the collaboration agreement includes face-to-face activity in the Los Cristianos Youth Area, so that attention to young people is as close and practical as possible. "It is essential to bet on collaboration in social matters, in order to seek greater efficiency in the provision of services to citizens and also to improve the quality of life, especially of the most vulnerable people."

Miguel Ángel Rojas Morales highlighted that Lánzate Joven is "an innovative project that, in its first year, has proven to be useful for young people who have completed Vocational Training, so that young graduates have in this project one more option for get a job, facing the new year 2018, this collaboration is really important for the project, since, with the help of the Youth Area, we will be closer to this type of young people, so we want to thank the support received by the Area in a municipality that, for our entity, is a priority in Tenerife. "

He also recalled that the Lánzate Joven Employment Project, financed by the Cabildo de Tenerife and developed by the Don Bosco Project Foundation, attended a total of 54 people in Arona (30 women and 24 men) in the year 2017. The profile of The participants of the project are young people with a formative level of Middle or Higher Level training. The people served could access a training process, which seeks to improve their employability and get a job. The project also had a labor intermediation service, which intermediated job offers to a total of 20 people.

News source: http://www.arona.org Vai all’articolo originale

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