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Arona deepens her commitment to "bullying & quo …

Cartel Erik contra el Acoso Escolar.

Arona deepens her commitment to "bullying & quo …

Arona will be the scene of the national premiere of "Erik against bullying", a play with which the municipality deepens its commitment against bullying, which allowed it to obtain at the end of last year the national prize of Good Municipal Practices for your program to prevent bullying. All this within the framework of the Municipal Week for Good Living in the Classrooms – from May 2 to 4 – and the International Day Against Bullying (May 2).

This municipal week against bullying contemplates a broad program of activities that begins with a Technical Conference for Good Living in the Classrooms, the same May 2 at the Cultural Center of Los Cristianos, and will address issues such as cyberbullying, prevention and the approach of this situation or the role of the Administrations before this phenomenon.

The conference and the play itself will be complemented by the conference that, under the title of "Seeks courageous", will offer José Manuel Montilla, "El Langui" at the Infanta Leonor Auditorium on Thursday, May 3 from 6 to 7 pm .

On Friday 4 of major will take place the delivery of diplomas to schools that have participated in the implementation of the Plan of Prevention of Arona, endorsed by the Spanish Association for the Prevention of Bullying (AEPAE), and which have formed part CEIP Cabo Blanco and La Estrella and IES Guaza.

"Erik against bullying"

Organized by the municipal area of ​​Education and AEPAE, the staging of "Erik against bullying" corresponds to La Ensemble Teatro and will reach more than 2,000 people through the three planned performances, all of them free of charge, in the Infanta Leonor de Los Cristianos auditorium: the first one, on May 2 at 6 pm, addressed to the general public, and the second and third on May 3 for the second year students of ESO and fifth grade of Primary , these last two followed by a talk and a debate-discussion with the heads of AEPAE.

Through the Municipal Committee for Good Living and against School Harassment, created in 2016, the City Council of Arona is committed to initiatives that transfer the prevention of violence and bullying to the community, complementing the actions carried out in the classrooms, converting them into a strategic objective of coexistence at the municipal level.

The mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, explained that "the municipality's commitment against bullying is real and effective, with policies and initiatives that seek to prevent, raise awareness and combat harassment in the classroom."

The Councilor for Education of the municipal corporation, Leopoldo Díaz Oda, explained that "we have welcomed the presence of this work in Arona with great enthusiasm." If in 2016 we brought "Paper" to the Canary Islands for the first time, this time the premiere will be at As it is a work with a much more flexible format, it allows us to get the message more effectively to students in both Primary and Secondary. "

For his part, the director of the AEPAE Theater area, Goyo Pastor, creator and director of the work, has stressed that "many times, the approach to bullying depends on political will and, in the case of Arona, there is a job very good and very committed, I was surprised by the municipality's concern, with real projects and investments ".

The hedgehog Erik, is the mascot used by Aepae in his courses, for his peaceful and assertive character, being the protagonist of the work, the narrator and the guiding thread of the four stories of this representation that revolve around four themes: cyberbullying – "More bad than ringworm" – homophobic school bullying – "I do not like football" -, physical school bullying – "Mom, I'm scared" – and psychological harassment – "We're friends" -.

News source: http://www.arona.org Vai all’articolo originale

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