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Arona facilitates access to employment for more than 247 young …

Arona facilita el acceso al empleo a más de 247 jóvenes del municipio

Arona facilitates access to employment for more than 247 young …

Improve the employability conditions of the young people of Arona, facilitating their incorporation into the labor market. That is the main objective of the collaboration agreement signed in December 2017 between the municipal area of ​​Youth, which runs the councilor Yolanda Mendoza, and the association for economic and social development Rayuela, which has allowed serving 247 young people in municipal facilities of Cabo Blanco, El Fraile and Los Cristianos.

This collaboration agreement was fundamental for the development in Arona of the Canary Islands Employment Service (SCE) program called Professional Orientation for Employment and Self-Employment Assistance (OPEA).

During the period of duration of the OPEA project in Arona, 247 people between 16 and 30 years of age have been assisted and advised in municipal facilities, with the aim of enrolling them in the National Youth Guarantee System, in various workshops and experimental programs. and training.

The municipal project Nínive has also participated in the program, launched by the Social Services area for young people without work and without studies and with some addiction. All this to facilitate their conditions of access to the labor market.

The data indicate that, on average, each of the young people has obtained up to four counseling appointments, with which the number of actions carried out has been almost one thousand in the whole municipality.

Mena: "Facilitating young people's access to quality employment"

The mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, explained that the priority of all the municipal areas is "to work in a transversal way to continue improving in what is the priority of this group of government: the creation of employment, and employment of All this involves improving the training and key competences of our young people, "Mena added, recalling that" there are numerous plans that we have put in place or that we have facilitated, both to improve this training and facilitate access to the labor market as to launch social employment programs for people who have more trouble finding a job. "

On the other hand, Yolanda Mendoza explained that "the area of ​​Youth has as a backbone of its management to provide the necessary training so that the young people of Arona can take advantage of and access work opportunities".

"With this agreement – he added – the City Council of Arona provides all the facilities to attend and work with the largest possible number of young people in the municipality, advising them, guiding them towards other public resources and, ultimately, improving their employability".

News source: http://www.arona.org Vai all’articolo originale

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