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850 runners will take the start in the demanding Seat Motor 7 …

850 runners will take the start in the demanding Seat Motor 7 ...

850 runners will take the start in the demanding Seat Motor 7 …

This Saturday, July 14, you can see one of the most spectacular and harsh events of the Canary Islands

The pioneering obstacle course in the Canary Islands, the demanding Seat Motor 7 Islas InfinityXtreme, celebrates its tenth edition. 850 runners will take the start next Saturday, July 14, in the grounds of the future sports city, located in the Barranco San Felipe. The event is organized by the Canarypol Sports Club and the Portuense City Sports Area, and has the collaboration of a large number of companies and entities, including Seat Motor 7 Islas.

The demanding test, will have two modalities, one of 5 km or Sprint and the hardest or Radical of 10km. In both, the participants must overcome several sections in a circuit designed to test physical and mental capacity. A part of the race will pass through cobblestone roads with several uneven levels of difficulty, in addition to a swimming area in open water and the usual tour of a dirt track with many ramps, ditches and barbed wire. In recent years has coincided "an element that makes the test even harder, and is none other than the intense heat that has accompanied the runners in their development," said Moisés García, president of the Canarypol Sports Club.

As a novelty, this year and with the aim of making the test more attractive, the organization has provided the participants with "special conditions in several lodging facilities near the circuit, since a large number of runners take advantage of the event to pass an end week in the city and we encourage not only the sport but also the tourism", stressed García.

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