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Santa Cruz chains 13 months with more hirings of women …

Santa Cruz chains 13 months with more hirings of women ...

Santa Cruz chains 13 months with more hirings of women …

The city signs 57,334 contracts in the first half of the year, with June being the month with the most labor relations signed, with 10,127 registrations in the Social Security

The city chains 13 consecutive months with more hirings of women than men. From May of 2017 until last June, the contracts signed in the city have had women as protagonists in a period in which, in addition, the Tenerife capital has only reduced its unemployment figures continuously. 10 months and at a more accentuated pace than the new incorporations of the active population. In this way, and with the latest monthly data available, in June, the unemployed in the municipality amounted to 22,114 people after having signed in that same month a total of 10,127 contracts, of which 4,872 signed men and 5,255 were subscribed by women.

Despite these good results on the employability of women in the capital city, it should not be forgotten that the unemployment figures are still higher among females. For the first time in years, the number of men who demand a job falls below the symbolic limit of 10,000 to reach 9,926 in the sixth month of the year, for the 12,188 women seeking a job. These figures represent an annual variation of unemployment in Santa Cruz, which is reduced by 4.34%.

In the first half of the year, the economic tune has enabled 57,334 contracts to be signed. Although it might be expected, due to the increase in business and consumer confidence that the quality of the contracts should have been more accentuated, this has not been the case, however, there are signs of a slight recovery in terms of signing contracts of type undefined. In fact, last June, of the 10,127 contracts, 637 were indefinite, which meant an annual difference of 23.8%. However, given the seasonality of employment by the beginning of summer, most of the registrations in social security were attributed to fixed-term contracts, either full-time or part-time. Thus, 4,981 full-time contracts and 4,115 part-time contracts were signed.

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