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The police unions demand the president of the Casino …

The police unions demand the president of the Casino ...

The police unions demand the president of the Casino …

UFP, SUP and ASP reject the disclosure of photos of the agents who intervened

The Federal Police Union (UFP), the Unified Police Union (SUP) and the Trade Union Alternative of Police (ASP) urge the president of the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Royal Casino, Miguel Cabrera Pérez-Camacho, to assume a "rectification and apology" public "for the incidents that occurred in the hall of the headquarters of the social entity that presides after denying entry to a citizen who attended a concert open to the public on the grounds that the clothing he was wearing was not adequate. The prohibition motivated the affected party, a free service policeman, to request the claim form, but they denied that right and called the police.

The unions, in a statement, reject "the treatment given by the president of the Casino to the members of the Security Forces, in the subsequent statements made in social media, with the disclosure on Facebook of images of the police, exposing their physical integrity due to their status as agents of the authority, for which we demand a public rectification ".

Likewise, they reject "the terms set out in the internal circular of June 28, where we want to show a possible favorable treatment by the National Police and the National Police. Civil Guard to the Real Casino de Tenerife or its president, literally stating that if the agents of the Royal Casino of Tenerife do not leave the agents in the future, They will immediately contact the Chief Provincial Commissioner or the General in command of the Civil Guard, leaving a glimpse of a direct line with police officials, not knowing what purpose is said, more when the president of the institution has had a political past.

News source: http://www.laopinion.es Vai all’articolo originale

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