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Arona awards four women from the municipality for touring …

Cartel Día Internacional de las Mujeres 2018

Arona awards four women from the municipality for touring …

This year, the third edition of the Arona Awards for Gender Equality will recognize four women for their work of dedication and commitment in the municipality and beyond, four "ambassadors" of equality that, through cooperation and commitment, work not Only in the social development of other countries and bring their reality to the island, but strive to defend and promote women's rights. They will receive this municipal recognition Eva González Moscoso, Candelaria Viera Martín, Ndeye Aminata Samb and Verónica Trenco Taruselli, in a gala that will take place this Wednesday (March 14), in the Auditorium Infanta Leonor de Los Cristianos, and that will feature musical performances of Yaiza Torres and Pancho Delgado.

Eva González Moscoso is a municipal worker and uses her vacation period in cooperation work in different underprivileged countries of the world, to which she travels loaded with medicines and games. Candelaria Viera Martín is a host mother for many years of Sahrawi girls and boys so they can enjoy a peaceful holiday. Ndeye Aminata Samb is an example of personal improvement, of commitment with and for the women of Senegal, of an active struggle for the rights of immigrants and of an effort for real social integration. Verónica Trenco Taruselli travels the world with her juggling and acrobatics to bring a smile to those who need her the most. All are women of Arona and women of the world, an example of struggle to achieve a more just society.

Each year, the awards focus on a different theme, with which the role of women carers and women entrepreneurs has already been highlighted. This year, these municipal awards recognize the ambassadors of equality, those who not only work in the social and economic development of the people, but also in the well-being of women.

The Gala, which starts at 8:00 pm on Wednesday and has free admission, is part of the extensive program of conferences, co-educational activities and artistic events that Arona has launched to commemorate International Women's Day and make visible the actions that the women of the municipality develop to achieve real equality.

Women of Arona, women of the world tries to condense, in 15 days, an analysis of the actions and policies on equality from different perspectives and in the fields of sport, agriculture, sociology, the arts or journalism, an initiative to which the journalist and writer Cristina Morató has joined.

The whole program has been developed with the involvement of several municipal areas, including Economic Promotion and Primary Sector, Culture, Sports and Education, in addition to the main driver, Social Services. Likewise, it has the collaboration of the insular and Canarian administrations and of several collectives of the municipality and of professionals in matters of equality.

The events began on March 8 with the inauguration of the exhibition The conquest of women's rights throughout history, given by the Administrative Service of Equality and Prevention of Gender Violence of the Cabildo de Tenerife and that will remain in the Cultural Center of Valle San Lorenzo until March 16.

Until March 18, the Farmer's Market will host the program of revitalization From green to violet and, in addition to the activities already carried out these days, on March 14 will begin the eighth edition of the Extraordinary Women's Cycle, three days in the that a tribute will be paid to the poet and painter Pino Ojeda and that it will include a recital, lectures and the screening of the film La habitación del Fondo, by Domingo Doreste.

The actions will continue on March 20 with Vidas de Leyenda, in which the Canarian journalist Noemí Galván will direct a colloquium with the journalist, writer and director of television programs Cristina Morató, author of literature successes as adventurous and adventurous travelers (2001 ), The Queens of Africa (2003), The Ladies of the East (2006), Captive in Arabia (2009), Divas rebels (2010) or Divina Lola (2017).

From the family

The next day, March 21, the Civic Center of El Fraile will host the workshop For an equal family. Strategies for a balanced distribution between our daughters and sons of tasks and responsibilities, by the sociologist Patricia G. Ojeda and organized by the Department of Education. On the 23rd, the telephone guide of interest on gender violence will be presented, with a training activity aimed at the staff of the Citizen Service, in the framework of the project We are with you.

Throughout the month of March, Adaris Canarias will continue to develop activities in the schools of the municipality within the framework of the All and all fight for equality in the world project. All the information of the program Women of Arona, women of the world can be consulted in www.arona.org

News source: http://www.arona.org Vai all’articolo originale

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