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Arona grants 70,000 euros in aid for treatments and support …

Arona concede 70.000 euros en ayudas a tratamientos y apoyo a la movilidad a personas mayores y con diversidad funcional

Arona grants 70,000 euros in aid for treatments and support …

Arona granted between 2017 and what we have in 2018 a total of 67,583.97 euros in the so-called individual grants, aimed at older people and people with functional diversity, which means a percentage of execution that has exceeded 96.54% and its highest historical amount, after increasing by 64.8% with respect to those granted in 2014.

The individual grants are those that aim to provide therapeutic and technical support to these groups for issues ranging from speech therapy sessions to physiotherapy, through early stimulation, cognitive stimulation in specialized centers, wheelchairs and bathing beds articulated or, even, basic furniture for a life in decent conditions.

These are the main figures of this aid whose bases for 2018 have been approved today by the Governing Board of the Board of Social Services and whose main novelty is that it rises with respect to the previous year the maximum annual income of individuals and families wishing to access to them, going from 12,000 to 15,000 euros gross per year, significantly increasing the percentage of potential beneficiaries.

Once these bases are approved, the opening of the deadline for your application will begin in about one month.

Mena: "Help the enormous effort that families make"

The mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, underlined "the commitment we are making from the municipality to support people and families who have to make an important economic effort to serve in good conditions those who suffer difficulties associated with age, situations of dependency and functional diversity, which supposes an important monthly expense for the economy of the families ".

Mena stressed that "we have raised the maximum income threshold to be able to benefit and cater to a greater number of people and exceed the 139 with which the Social Services area collaborated last year."

For its part, the head of the Social Services Department, Elena Cabello, explained that "throughout 2017 we executed almost all of the budget of these grants and our intention is that, by increasing the maximum annual family income, we can surpass the 70,000 euros that have been consigned initially ". "We are aware," he added, "of the important expense of having to have the instruments and therapies necessary to care for people with functional diversity or with advanced age."

News source: http://www.arona.org Vai all’articolo originale

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