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The Canaria Golf Federation and the Municipality of Arona …


The Canaria Golf Federation and the Municipality of Arona …


On April 9th, the Canaria del Golf Federation, under the supervision of the manager Lucas Montaner and the Arona Board of Sports, once again launched the promotion and practice of the Golf sport in the municipal schools of Arona.

Once again in Arona, with the advice of sport and youth, CEIP’s 5th and 6th CEI Luis Álvarez Cruz (Las Galletas, Arona) started with the “Yo Gioco a golf at school” program, receiving lessons and training from the hands of two instructors (Aimara Cabrera and Tania Herrera) at the school, where the goal is to bring the sport to children in a fun way and with material suitable for their age.

This activity will be developed until the summer in three other schools and restarted after the summer, where two other schools of the municipality will be added. In total, around 500 young people will appreciate the project.
This first contact with the sport of Golf will continue with the selection of girls and boys who show more interest, to continue to receive lessons at Los Palos Golf, hand in hand the professionals Paco Cea and Nacho Bennasar.

It is not only important to learn how to play golf to learn about and practice a sport, but it can be a way of life for the children of the Municipality of Arona, who can open their doors to the world of work related to tourism and golf, as well as enhancing the motor skills that our sport offers, like flexibility, balance or coordination.

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