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Arona will save 18,000 cubic meters of drinking water per year …

Arona ahorrará 18.000 metros cúbicos de agua potable al año gracias a su reutilización en el baldeo y riego de jardines

Arona will save 18,000 cubic meters of drinking water per year …

The purification of the La Orilla de Cabo Blanco street has begun this week to purify water with the aim that it is reused, already in perfect conditions and with the highest quality, for the washing of public spaces and the irrigation of green areas, which allows the municipality to deepen its commitment to sustainability, saving a volume of drinking water of more than 18,000 cubic meters per year and avoiding discharges.

The area of ​​Environment of the City Council, through the concessionary company Canaragua, had begun months ago the works and tests necessary to start up this service, which had other municipalities, but which is the first time that is implemented in Arona , all within the framework of the #AronaAvanza program, promoted by the mayor, José Julián Mena.

The reuse allows conserving the fresh natural waters for other uses and not in the irrigation system, something especially important in the places where this is a scarce resource, as is the case of Arona and the South Region of Tenerife.

In a first phase, this water will be used in the La Trujilla park, which is currently in full operation, and in the landscaped areas near the El Lere ravine.

The forecast is to extend this system to the whole municipality in different stages.

The facilities of Cabo Blanco have a daily purification capacity of around 200 cubic meters of water, of which about 150 will be used in the aforementioned park, in the green area adjacent to the ravine and in the washing of the streets.

The implementation of this method of reuse, together with the installation of a remote control system of the treatment plant, has meant an investment of just under 42,000 euros.

Mena: "The commitment to sustainability is a reality"

The mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, explained that "the commitment to sustainability is a reality, as evidenced by this work, which allows us to get the most out of the treatment plant, save drinking water for other uses and avoid spills. " Mena has also stated that "our intention is to extend this system, in all we can and in different phases, to all the Arona centers".

For his part, the councilor of the Works Department of the City Council, José Luis Gómez, explained that the proximity of the Orilla Street treatment plant "allows that, with very little investment, the residents of Cabo Blanco have an irrigation system and wash with reused water of the highest quality, saving on the use of fresh water, which may be used for consumption ".

News source: http://www.arona.org Vai all’articolo originale

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